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Edinburgh things to do

things to do

Edinburgh is a must-see cultural capital. From stunning skylines to sandy beaches, festivals to fireworks - the city has something for everyone, day and night.

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, split between the medieval Old Town and the Georgian splendour of the New Town.


A vibrant, cosmopolitan city, boasting an exceptional blend of pubs and bars, restaurants, specialist retailers and leading tourist attractions.

Days can be spent exploring the city’s medieval alleyways and glorious architecture - not least the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, dramatically perched on an extinct volcano, high above the city centre.

Nights out in Edinburgh provide an opportunity to discover what makes the city tick amidst the bustling bars, clubs and lively street scenes.

Edinburgh is renowned the world over for its year-round festivals. During the Summer and Winter festivals the city’s streets throng with visitors from around the world.

For international visitors, Edinburgh is the second favourite UK city for tourism after London thanks to its ideal mix of shopping, entertainment, culture and history.

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